Seattle Part 2.

Well it's been another day or two (ha ha!) filled with many adventures! Let me show you just a few.. so sit back relax and enjoy this fun filled picture adventure!

To start off this lovely trip I took a wee bit of a visit to Pikes Market. You know the famous place with the "Great Wind Up Store," the famous fish place where they put on a pretty sweet show. It's a lovely place with the smell of fresh flowers and fish.
Although I didn't take any pictures.. but one of some like weird octopus I think that's what it was anyways that was hanging from the roof...

The next day was filled with lots of fun hiking around at some park.. which I completely forgot the name of... I know right. BUT! On the bright side I got some really awesome pictures. Let me explain each one a little. :)
This was when we first began out wonderful nature walk/hike....
 Along the way baby Lutra found this GIANT leaf and gave it to me..
as you can see below.. this leaf was the size of my face! ha ha! It was pretty great.
I've never seen a leaf this large! WHOA!
This is my cousin Jeppa and her cute lil' family! 
(Eli, Lutra & Jeppa)
I'm so grateful she has let me stay with her and spend some time with her. She's been an awesome tour guide! 
While on our journey we came to this part where we had to walk under all this hanging mossy stuff. It was pretty crazy.. reminded me of some fairy tale movie! 
We walked through this tree right before we go to our fairy tale.. just an FYI.
And this would be the end of our hike. Such a beautiful place! It was WONDERFUL. Very magical. My eyes were delighted.

Then there is today where I went grocery shopping, to a bakery and to a second hand store. Which was all awesome... seeing as how we don't really have those where I'm from.. so I truly did enjoy.. I even bought this sweet sweater which is uber soft and comfy! Right on! 
Oh yeah! And I went to this awesome little green house thing at another park.

I sure do hope you all have been having a fabulous weekend and enjoying!
Have a good nights rest.. or a good breakfast? ha ha! 



Well, I have officially made it to my trip! After 5 months of waiting I'm finally here in the beautiful state of Washington! 

So far it's been pretty fun and VERY relaxed and well needed. Nothing like spending time exploring with those you love... :)
And as you can tell from the photo below, by the end of the day I was pretty dang tired and ready for some well needed sleep! ha ha!
Well friends, I'm off now to go and have some more adventures!
XO- Chelsey