Ferris Wheel, Gum & Needle

Today was such an adventurous day! I finally got to meet Sabrina's very sweet boyfriend.. got to go back to Seattle and tour some more sights and do the touristy things which was way fun! A great way to end such and amazing trip. I sure am going to miss this place.. especially Sabrina, her family and of course my cousin and her cute little family. Thanks so much guys for letting me sponge off of you for a little while. You're all the best! :) And now for the fun part.. enjoy these last pictures of Washington and my adventures.



Lazy day..

Well... I'm WAY to lazy to explain everything.. so enjoy these pictures 
with semi descriptions . ha ha! :)
ha ha.. enough said.
Andrea, Sabrina, Me
We were laughing really hard at something.. but I couldn't tell you what.
We went to Bobs Burgers.. which has delicious food.
and cool straws! :)
see.. yummy food.. PS. I don't think they give you enough fries. ;)
I was starving so I was happy when my food arrived. 
Same with Sabrina. :) Maybe just not quite as much.



Update PLUS one year.

Where to begin. Lets see. I've obviously been gone for a wee bit because I went exploring the country side of Washington. Of course I took LOTS of pictures so I could show you my wonderful adventures.
This is the city from the back as we're leaving on the ferry boat. 
(As Lutra kept saying...)
 And thus we're now on the ferry with the big yet small city behind us. 
... it was windy and bright so that's why this picture isn't so pretty.
 Lu was so happy to be on a ferry boat with her "favorite" cousin.
She kept running back and fourth and hanging on my legs and saying, "Look birds.. oh look a bird!" It was very fun and a well need experience.
 And like I said before it was windy.. and my hair got effected. But hey Lu and Jeppa look great!.. although Lu doesn't really like pictures.
On thing I have noticed is that Washington has some FAT seagulls. 
Like look at that bird.. 
This is Port Townsend.. I think or something I know it's a port. That counts for something right? It was a very cute and small town. I wouldn't mind living there.
While in Port ____ we went geocaching and found this cute little park where this log was carved into with these awesome sea turtles! AMAZING. And you can see that moss grows everywhere.. and I mean EVERYWHERE.
It was also a very beautiful day. (Which is shocking fyi..) 
We went to a lot of old light houses that the coast guard used to use years ago. It was pretty darn nifty I must say. PS.. I keep saying us I should explain.. Jeppa and Lu dropped me off on an island where I met up with my uncle Vince and aunt Wendy. I spent three days with them in some crazy cool campground.
We went to another port town I believe it was called Port Gamble where it was modeled after Maine. It was super cute and had these GORGEOUS flowers. 
I was in heaven. Flowers/nature are my favorite things to photograph.. 
as you can tell ha ha!
And once again we went and looked at some more light houses. :) 
This one was right on the beach so we went for a lovely walk after. :)
And we found this awesome "football" chair as Vince said.
And on our drive back we found this awesome boat.. which is someones house! WHAT?! A real boat.. that someone turned into a house. CRAZINESS.
And now we're to now! I finally got to my besties house! I haven't seen her for a year so I was SUPER excited. It's fantastic. :) 
Oh how I've missed her and her family. 

Well, I'm having a skype date with some guy so I better get going. Have a lovely evening or morning you know whateves.