Why hello there :) I'm so glad you've found my blog!
My name is Chelsey but, some people call me Blondie or Albino.
My fancy little blog has a little bit of everything for everyone..
 do it yourself projects, recipes, music and so much more!
I sure do hope you look around and please feel free to stay awhile. 
Fancy things I tend to enjoy:
Cheez-it DUOZ (sharp chedder & parmesan)
Train (especially their new song Drive By)
Giraffes, monkey and elephants (I collect giraffe stuff.. I have lots)
Toms (oh so worth the money)
Oakland California Temple (I like all temples but that's my favorite)
Skype dates (with my girlfriend Bina)
Photography (I absolutely love taking pictures of nature and what not)
Receiving letters/emails (especially from those special someones)
Spring time (I love being able to hear the birds chirp)
Vanilla anything (I love to eat vanilla flavored things, it's my all time favorite scent)
Not so fancy:
Spiders, snakes, creep crawly things (can you say gross)
Thunder (not a pleasant sound to my ears)
One word texting (come on.. really)
Math (it's ridiculous) 
Long lines (I have patience, but not to buy things I really need)
Biting my nails (it's yucky.. so I don't know why I do it)
Using car horns (my best friend had to use it for me when we almost died..)
Zits (so gross and I have so many)
Hot drinks (I let my hot chocolate get cold before I drink it)
Melanoma (I have it, so why wouldn't I hate it)