10 fun facts about Chelsey

1. One of my most favorite things is the feeling of my hair after it has just been straightened. I like the way it feels on my neck, all soft and like whoa.

2. I'm really not a fan of swearing but yet I seem to swear... It's weird. But after I swear I'm always like Chelsey.. GO TO YOUR ROOM! You know that type of thing.

3. When I'm feeling down I like to make my room really messy just so I can clean it.. It always makes me feel good about myself.

4. I got fake nails so that I could quit my nasty habit of biting my nails.. they look good but they aren't helping instead I pick at them until I get my nail from underneath. Gross.

5. I don't think I look good in bikinis but I buy them because I want to look good, then I wear them hoping someone will compliment me and be like daaang girl you look good.

6. I hate anything scary for example, Halloween, scary movies, haunted houses.. ghost shows, etc. I will still watch scary movies, and maybe you can get me to go into a haunted house but probably not. They make me feel icky then I have scary dreams and thoughts. Yep, I'm a baby.

7. When I get my hair cut I always have them cut bangs so I can pull them back.

8. I have an imaginary friend. Her name is Bridget. She comforts me, knows all my secrets. She's a really good listener.

9. Every time I go to Las Vegas it brings back my life long dream. I really want to be a show girl in Vegas. Like in Holly Madison Peep Show or just a show girl that dances with Donny and Marie.

10. I am super emotional about everything. I can be brought down in tears easily. It doesn't even have to be something happy, sad.. or about me. I just cry. Especially if I have to talk in front of people, to new people or if I have to ask a question. I get teared up.. but I've learned how to hold in my tears but sometimes I just can't. Like now while writing this I got teared up..!



I'm pretty dang excited.. I have finally decided when I'm going to visit my bestie! :) It's not for awhile.. but that's okay at least I'm going!! I'm going the end of October! YAY! I'll be booking my flight soon. Can't wait!!! :D SABRINA HERE I COME! 



Sometimes you just need your best friend... like today. I miss my best friend a lot. So far away.. I wish I could get that well needed hug. Or that late night drive or sleepover. Sometimes your family just can't give you the 'healing' you need. Yeah, their great and I love them. But it's one of those times when I could really use my best friend. It sucks. I wish when I was little they prepared me for growing up in school. They claim they do.. but honestly they don't. They don't teach you how to deal with losing jobs, getting your heart broken, someone dying, someone leaving or even your best friend moving away. Those are the lessons you have to teach yourself. You're the one who grades yourself on that too.. and honestly I don't think any of us give ourselves a high enough grade. Life is complicated. Life isn't perfect and it never will be perfect no matter how hard we try. Why? Because, it's life. And that's why sometimes in life you just need your best friend. Whom won't always be there so you learn to deal.. to be strong on your own.. put on a happy face and say I'm okay. Life isn't easy. Being alone isn't easy. Trust me I know. But one thing you always need to remember, is to be happy.. be yourself and keep moving along. Because everyone is destined to do something amazing. I hope you all have a goodnight and a wonder Memorial weekend. 
XO- Chelsey


I must say..

I'm pretty dang proud of my awesome photography skills lately...
(Sorry.. needed to be cocky for a bit!)
PS. Don't mind my tagging of my pictures. I had someone steal one of my pictures and claim it was their own.. ha! Little did they know that I have secret tags in the pictures... and now I have bold ones too. Unless you buy them of course! ha ha!


Best friends forever!

My best friend Chloe (my niece) got to have a special sleepover date with me last night! It was filled with pop corn, a movie and girl talk all night!


Guess who I get to hang out with!

She spent the night now we're hanging out all day just the two of us!
Tonight we're getting her sissy and brother! YAY FOR SLEEP OVERS! 


Testimonies from around the world... (part 2)

Okay guys and gals! It's time for some more testimonies. I would like to ask again, please be respectful and remember you DO NOT HAVE TO READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO! If you feel the need to comment please do, but be respectful. Remember if you don't go nothin' nice to say keep it to yourself. Now, sit back.. relax and enjoy!

Age: 22
From: Brazil
My mom has teahed me and my siblings everything about the gospel tachings. i always felt great peace about that teachings and at my teenager at seminary's class i get my testimony. I know the this is the only true church in this earth.there is no other. God really loves us and his plan for us is perfect. Our fathers really got the power of God to lead us back to our Father's house. JOseph Smith was  prophet who restored the truths and the priesthood.  Bina, we are so blessed cause we have our familys in this gospel and we have the opportunity to have born of parents who have teached us this truths.

   i Love this gospel and i can bear my testimony to you that there is no other way we can find the true happiness in this life and in the next life.

                                 in the name of jesus Christ.Amen

Age: A mommy
From: Utah

I love to feel the spirit whisper the truth. It makes me feel happy. Having the reassurance of the spirit in my life is calming. I know my Savior loves me. I know the scriptures are true. I know that my Savior knows me like no one else and can comfort me. I pray to talk to my Heavenly Father. I read my scriptures and feel inspired with His answers.
I try to pattern my life after Jesus Christ. I want to be good and kind and helpful to others like He is. I want to be happy like He is. I want to return and live with Heavenly Father like He is.
I know that Thomas S Monson is a prophet called of God. The spirit has witnessed this to me. I love the sacred time of pondering after prayer where I feel in touch with Holy things. I love revelation and inspiration that guide me through my life.
I know that my Heavenly Father blesses me and makes me better than I can be on my own. I know He is aware of my deepest despair and my greatest joy.
I know He has restored the power of the priesthood to earth and that miracles are performed every day. 
I am grateful to have a testimony.


This is all I have to say..

Well... through someone else's words.. ha ha!





National mommies day! :)

Happy mommies day to all you wonderful mommies out there! Especially happy mommies day to my beautiful momma! I love her to pieces and always will. I'll be 45 and still sitting on her lap, cuddling with her. I'm the baby and always will be. And she doesn't mind one bit at all. :) I love you mommy! Thanks for everything!
I hope all you mothers out there have a beautiful day filled with lots of hugs and love!


A penny.

So I know.. a penny isn't worth a lot. But it's worth a lot to me. It's something special to me. I have been collecting pennies for two years now because of what they mean. There is this boy. I've talked about him before.. you all know him as James where most people know him as JC... One day JC (James) took me to a movie with a couple of his friends, it was in the mall. After the movie got out we were walking out to his friends car when we walked past jcpenney. Right then James looked at me and said, "Look Chelsey! It's my store! That's right, I only cost a penny!" We laughed about it and didn't think much about it.. well he didn't I did. I went home found a super shiny penny, cleaned it and the next day when I saw him I went up to him and handed him a penny. I said here.. now I own you. ;) It was more as a joke.. but little did I know he was going to keep that penny. A week after that experience he went on his mission. I never forgot about the penny and I never forgot what James meant to me. Every time I came across a penny I'd save it. That's how I began saving penny's. I now have some coca-cola and sprite bottles filled with penny's. I thought from the moment that he left I'd save them because then I'd have a way to keep him with me while he was gone. Little did I know (until about a few months ago when he told me..) that James has kept the penny that I 'bought' him with. He told me in an email that the day he got set-apart as a missionary that he held it in his hand the entire time. And while on his mission that he carried it in his pocket.. so that every time he reached in he'd feel the penny and think of me. So to me a penny means a lot. A penny is sort of my whole world. It has defined love for me. It has showed me that I am loved.. and that a penny means something special to someone who is special to me. Who is my whole world. You might think I'm crazy.. because honestly James and I only dated two weeks before we told each other that we loved each other. But it's true, it happened fast but it is love. It's true love and this penny story is proof of it. You might think it's silly, and a bit crazy but I honestly don't care. If you're really in love then you'll know what I'm talking about.. but if you haven't had the chance to find true love one day you will and you'll understand. It's a feeling that can't be explained, only felt and viewed by others who observe you. You know when you look at those cute couple and say to yourself, "I want to be like them one day!" That's love. I can honestly say I want to marry this boy one day. And to be honest. Call me crazy and hey mom.. first time you're hearing this you too grandma, Whitney.. everyone but Sabrina ha ha! I'm pretty sure we are going to get married. Sometimes you just know. And when I think about it, the feeling I get is amazing. When I pray about it, it feels right. Like when I prayed if I should date him when he gets home. I got an answer yep. And I keep getting answers every day. (Did you notice that the penny says, 'In God We Trust'.. hmm sign or what?! ha ha!) That Mr. James is the one. If he wasn't the one... and he never was the one.. why would I save penny's? Why would I think about him all day? Why would I look at the moon because it's the only thing that we see the same when he's in Africa and I'm here in Utah? And why would I talk to him, share my feelings and treat him like he's my best friend? It has to be love. It's the only reasoning I have. It scares me honestly. But it's a good kind of scared. And right now thinking about him, us, and our love I couldn't be more happy. This is the happy that makes my world go round, my grey skies blue and when I'm down.. I'm suddenly happy. He is what makes me not feel depressed.. but all I have to say is I miss him more than anything. And I'm SO glad he comes home in a month! Although I'm nervous to see him.. to hear his voice. But it will be good. I can't wait! It's so close! I'm getting super antsy! Ah. :) I hope that each and every one of you feels loved and I hope you know you are loved! Have a goodnight or day or afternoon where ever you are out there in the world! 
XO- Chelsey


Chelsey/Grams button swap!

So my grandma is awesome and collects buttons.. as you can tell I have many buttons.. hence that's why I now have a button lamp! :) Besides the point..
I have decided to do a button swap! TADA! :) So if you have any awesome buttons, buttons... design buttons.. whatever and you'd like to do a swap-a-roo.. well come and join the fun! :) Email me at chelsey-15@hotmail.com with a picture of your button/s and I'll match you up with someone to swap buttons with.. pretty nifty eh?
For example:
A picture like so. (Thanks grandma!)
I love this button I must say and I want it! ha ha! It's cute!
Or you can send a picture like:
(Thanks again grandma!)
Remember email me your name, address, a picture of the button you'd like to swap and i'll email you back with the name of the other person and a picture of their button. Great way to meet new people.. make new friends. Right?

Feeeelings.. whoa, whoa, whoa

I feel so dumb, hurt, angry, sad.. I just want to sit here on my bed and cry. Today at work something happened, that shouldn't of. And I don't know it made me take a step back a realize I think I need to mature up. I can say I don't really care for life right now, I'm just living each day, day by day. It's just a BLAH type of thing. I think I'm getting back into the stage of depression. Oh joy. 



I will not lie, I'm sort of frustrated with my blog. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. It's not appealing.. I have a total of 10 followers.. nobody enjoys reading my blog. So now I'm stuck in a rut, do I continue to blog and give away prizes where the same 3 people always enter? Nothing wrong with that.. I mean lucky them! :) ha ha... or do I just give up on my blogging career? :/ Hmph. I'm currently leaning more towards giving up and not blogging anymore... it's the easy route right? But who knows, we'll see what happens. I will say, I do love my blog.. it's me, it's cute it's appealing to me..! Maybe that's all that should matter? But I don't know, I wish I just had a few more followers or something ha. Oh well. Life is life. Goodnight! 



REMINDER! My contest ends TOMORROW!

Make sure you enter!! If you missed it here's another chance, comment below to win these rings! Ps. Rings fit all sizes! GOOD LUCK! And thanks for reading!

Wednsday song day!

These are a couple of my favorite songs that I could play over and over.. :)


My addiction..

Yes, that's right.. I'm addicted to 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' I just can't get enough of this show. It's the BEST. I started watching it on Netflix a few weeks ago and I'm addicted. It's hilarious. I thoroughly enjoy it. It's my sunshine when I've had a bad day, it sometimes helps me get pumped up for work ha ha. My mom see's me watching it and all she asks is why? Well mom the answer is, "Because I like it." ha! 'Nuff said. If you haven't ever seen this show, you should all give it a shot ha ha! But you'll probably hate it. Who knows! :)... SO here is a peak of what this show is all about. Go ahead give it a lil' watch-a-roo!



I've never in my life ever played a word on words with friends for this many points! I'm feeling accomplished!!! YAY! :)
Pettifog =143 points...
triple word, triple letter, double word and all seven tiles.

Does anyone know what pettifog even means without looking it up?! 
If so comment below! I'll let you know if you're right!



After 4 long months.. taking a 2 month break my button lamp is finally finished. And boy am I glad! It looks AMAZING especially at night when it's all lit up. If you're wanting to make one I say go for it! It takes a bit of time.. so be patient! But hey you'll probably not take as long as me you could probably get it done in 1 to 2 days ha ha.. I'm just a big ol' lazy bum!
Happy Sunday everyone!


The 'sick' feeling..

I don't think I really enjoy this "growing up" business.. I found out today that I won't be able to go to school in Utah. Which means, more money to save.. and more stress. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. I really want to go to school for it though because it is my dream. Yeah, my dream is a secret for now. Only a select few people know.. but I've had this dream for years just never acted on it until recently. I started looking up information where school were and such. It's crazy. One good thing is I can go to school in Washington and be closer to my best friend again! But I'd get home sick, I love Utah. I have lots to think about before I just pack up and leave. I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight, or for awhile I should add. I think before I make any finale decisions though I need to get a fathers blessing, pray, read my scriptures and really make sure it's what's best for me. Isn't life stressful?! Man, can't a girl get a break? ha ha! Oh well, need to live life to the fullest. I think I can manage that. We'll see. Ha! I guess I better start saving some money eh? Oh boy..! Wish me luck! And I wish all of you luck out there going to school, working your butts off and being grown ups. You ROCK. You inspire me. So thank you, keep up the good work. 
XO- Chelsey


What do you think..

Every Monday I post a new recipe?
Every Tuesday I post a new DYI project?
Every Wednesday is music day?
Every Thursday something new about me?
Every Friday I blog about my week
Every Saturday embarrassing moments?
Every Sunday something about my beliefs (or the testimonies from around the world?)

Let me know what you think.. I'm not sure if it will happen but it's a thought! Comment below and let me know please! :)
XO- Chelsey


What's in the box?!

Why, I'm glad you asked!....
Yep, I got tired of waiting for 25 followers so I decided 10 would do. Don't you agree?!
What will you be winning? Well, let's take a peek into this wee lil' box shall we!
Three rings.. all different as you can see ha ha! Made by me!.. This could be a good or a bad thing...
Contest starts: 
Today (Thursday May 3rd) and goes through 
Thursday May 10th!
Entering is super easy, all you have to do is comment below with your name!
Now, that was easy! ;)
(One entry per person please!)
Good luck!!


Wednesday is a good day for some songs eh!?

These here songs are a few of my favorites, they sure do cheer me up! :) Hope they make your day a good day! 
David Archuleta- "Something 'bout Love" 
I must say, I might just be in love with him.. ;) ha!
Elizaveta- "Dreamer" 
Not sure why I like this song.. but I do.
Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa- "Payphone" 
Catchy right?!
Carrie Underwood- "Good Girl" 
Every 'girl' should listen to this.. I'm sure we've all had one ha ha!
Kip Moore- "Hey Pretty Girl" 
This song is so cute! And okay.. I'm in a 'love' mood... you caught me!
Carter's Chord- "Love A Little Bigger" 
This song is beautiful. EVERYONE should defiantly give it a listen.
Jessie James- "Boys In The Summer" 
Kinky.. ha ha!
Selena Gomez- "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" 
This is interesting.. hm.
Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles" 
This song will always hold a place in my heart. :)
Jay Sean feat. Lil' Wayne- "Down" 
Oh high school memories.


Weekend wrap-up!

So I'm pretty tired.. but I wanted to just share some pictures from my trip! Hope you enjoy and hope you all had an awesome weekend! :)
A pretty flower in my grandmas back yard.

Some crazy building in Vegas by the outlets!

Enough said!

I was purty hungry!

All done and tired!

Are they cute?

ha ha! :)

The finally got picked! ;)