Wednesday is a good day for some songs eh!?

These here songs are a few of my favorites, they sure do cheer me up! :) Hope they make your day a good day! 
David Archuleta- "Something 'bout Love" 
I must say, I might just be in love with him.. ;) ha!
Elizaveta- "Dreamer" 
Not sure why I like this song.. but I do.
Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa- "Payphone" 
Catchy right?!
Carrie Underwood- "Good Girl" 
Every 'girl' should listen to this.. I'm sure we've all had one ha ha!
Kip Moore- "Hey Pretty Girl" 
This song is so cute! And okay.. I'm in a 'love' mood... you caught me!
Carter's Chord- "Love A Little Bigger" 
This song is beautiful. EVERYONE should defiantly give it a listen.
Jessie James- "Boys In The Summer" 
Kinky.. ha ha!
Selena Gomez- "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" 
This is interesting.. hm.
Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles" 
This song will always hold a place in my heart. :)
Jay Sean feat. Lil' Wayne- "Down" 
Oh high school memories.

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