Ohh.. poor baby!

Well, it has came to my attention that lately I've been having the "poor me" feeling.. that's not a very good thing. But I know, everyone has those days, weeks etc.. but I feel guilty for having it. I have a great life. Sure I've had my fair share of trials but they are nothing compared to most. So today I decided to look back on everything that has happened to me in the last year/last couple of months and see how they have helped me to become a better person today. I'd like to share that with you now. Via stories.. so bare with me. I hope you don't mind. Too much at least. 
Story #1:
I had a great guy in my life, I was super happy probably the happiest I had been. We were getting super close, shared secrets and we became best friends. Then he left. Went off to Africa for his mission. We had to say goodbye. We can now only talk via email.. once a week. Weird to go from talking every day seeing each other almost every day to.. never hearing each others voices, writing letters and emails and sending and receiving pictures. From this experience I have learned how to get excited. How to be patient and most importantly, I did something that I never thought I'd do. I started standing up for myself.
Story #2:
I had a pretty good job. I loved the people I worked with, and I loved that I had the opportunity to meet lots of different people. It was great. I also met two special someones there.. but soon the work wasn't fun anymore. I was doing "busy" work. Not what I was hired for. My boss wasn't being the nicest and the pay wasn't that great. Certainly not enough to cover my bills and it didn't look like I was getting a raise anytime soon. So I started looking for jobs. Nothing was coming up.. I wasn't getting any interviews. Bummer right? Well, one day my friend Pats (she's this cute old lady I used to work with.) friend came in. He was working at this place called DSG Solutions and told her how they were hiring. She told him about me and he went ahead and gave her his email so I could send him my resume. It worked like a charm! I got a new job. Quit my old job.. without a two weeks notice because they needed me to start asap. The pay was a big difference. It was the perfect job. HA. Okay, no it wasn't it was a SCAM. I never got paid. They owe me around $700.00 dollars. Not a good time. I REALLY needed that money because right after I quit my old job I got into a car accident and owed $500.00 dollars. But from this experience I was able to have the most amazing opportunity to nanny two wonderful boys. (: And now I have the great chance at a full time job at a scrapbook store. Which reminds me I got the website wrong if you wanted to look. http://www.outonalimbscrapbooking.com  
Story #3 
I had a boyfriend. His name was well lets call him glasses. We had been dating for almost a year and I started to get weird feelings.. bad feelings. Things kept coming back up that were bad from the past. It just wasn't right anymore. So I did one of the hardest things in my life. I broke up with him. It was so hard, it hurt. But what hurt the most was the things I found out after we broke up and especially how rude he was to me. He'd send me horrible texts saying things like, "go to hell," "you're a bitch," "you never loved me," and so on. It was horrible. So I had to block his number, and end all communication with him. This taught me how to be tough, stand up for myself and to love myself. It also gave me the chance to be a better person. I unblocked his number, talked with him and we are now the awkward friends. ha ha. 
Story #4
My best friend and I have been friends for 17 years now. I love her to pieces. We used to see each other every single day, practically all day long. Well one day something that neither of us ever planned for or ever expected happened. She moved away. To freaking Washington. Now we have to make phone calls, write letters, text all day and have our romantic Skpye dates until one of us gets enough money to visit. It's a depressing life. She's the one who knows me the best. So it really sucked. Still does. I learned how to not take people for granted,  to once again to be patient and how to save money. ha ha. OH AND SHE HAS AN INTERVIEW TOMORROW! Everyone wish her luck! GOOD LUCK SASBRINA! You'll be awesome! LOVE YOU! (:

Those are just a few of my trials.. I had many more but those were the biggest ones. Sometimes it's good to just let out all your feelings. You all should try it sometime! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day or night! Where ever you are. (:



I personally think that EVERYONE not just kids in school should see this movie. It shouldn't be rated R. It should be shown on the first day of school in all schools, it should be a movie that everyone has to see. I believe it'd make an impact on the world. Change it for the better. I don't understand how this can be rated R when the new movie "The Hunger Games" can get a Pg13 rating when it's about kids killing kids. That's not right. Sure this movie swears, so what? You, your kids are going to hear those words anyways. This movie should be allowed to be played in all states, towns, cities, everywhere. PLEASE go to the site.. demand it be shown where you live. Please help me and others stop bullying! Also please what the trailer for the movie! I promise you won't regret it. And if you get the chance go and see the movie! It comes out on March 30th 

Why this means so much to me? I used to be bullied. I didn't ride the bus because I got my hair pulled, I got made fun of. I HATED going to school. I wanted to kill myself many times. I didn't because I had support. Someone made the move to become friends with me. That's all it takes. One person. I'm SICK of everyone saying kids will be kids.. oh their just being boys and girls. That's a bunch of BULL SHIT. Parents aren't teaching their kids how to be respectful of others. Their not showing them how to have hearts and care for others. Want to know why? Because here in America you can't discipline your kids, nobody can. You can get turned in or you'll be judged... And kids, all they want is to have friends. To fit in. To be the cool kids. So they'll do anything. It's not right what this world is turning into. Let me tell you what cool is. Having one good friend, being yourself and standing up for yourself. That's what cool is. Not any of this other crap. You don't need to be popular.. or have someone think you're pretty or handsome. All you need is you. Trust me. I know it's not easy. I've been in your shoes.. more than you know. It might take time. But every morning when you wake up, wake up thinking this is going to be a good day because I'm me. I'm beautiful/handsome and name one thing you like about yourself. Soon you'll start to notice the confidence you'll be growing. Also keep a gratitude journal. If you write about things you're grateful for you'll forget about all the negative. It will take time, be patient but the outcome is so worth it. Don't take your life. Don't be afraid. If you need help get it. Talk to someone. Please. 
Be one of the many people that are standing up for what's right!
PLEASE, if you've been a bully or you've been bullied.. please comment below and share you story with me and everyone! And also please feel free to share your opinions on this topic.. we're not here to judge. :)


What a great day!

I woke up this morning and was all blah.. went to my first job and time just drug on.. not very fun. I left and went to my second job. I was still in a blah, whatever type mood. I picked up my check from my old job, went to the bank and put money into my account so I could go and get some well needed gas. I then went to the gas station where you have to pre-pay. My card wouldn't work! BOO! They tried several times but still nothing. I was super bummed and was like well, okay guess I'll drive back to the bank just get some cash out and come back. (Thinking in my head, I hope I have enough gas to get there and back!) When all the sudden the sudden the man behind me who is probably in his late thirties asks, "Is that white car yours?" I replied, "Yeah..." he then asks, "How much were you going to put in?" I then replied again, "Twenty five..." (I was kind of like uh why are you asking this?) He then said, "Okay, cool. I got you covered." Then looked the the cashier and said, "I'd like twenty five on pump two." I got all embarrassed and said right away, "I can pay you back, let me run to the ATM to get some money." He looked at me and smiled and said, "Oh no worries, I like helping people out!" I then thanked him and went on my way.. (I think he thought I had no money and was a single mother cause I had the two year old that I nanny with me.. ha ha!) That sure did brighten up my day! It's good to know that there are good people in this world! Has a stranger ever done something like that or similar for you? 
Another good thing that happened today is, when I got home from work it was time to receive my email from my missionary! BEST EMAIL EVER! It has made my night and my whole week! He's such and amazing person! :) I cannot wait until he's home! It's getting so close! Every time I think about it I get all excited and want to just dance my pants off! AH! Only two more months! I can't wait! I am hoping time goes by super fast! I'm out of patience! ha ha!
Here's a cute picture of the missionary! I think the kids he's with are so precious!



I'm sorry for all the changes.. probably annoying if you've been looking at my blog lately. BUT it will soon be all done. So as for the next couple of days this blog is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Sorry again. (:



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This weeks top 5 playlist!

I've decided that every Thursday I'm going to do a "Top 5 Playlist" of awesome songs. Hope you all enjoy! (:
Somebody That I Used To Know by: Gotye

Drive By, by: Train

Call Me Maybe by: Carly Rae Jepsen

 Needing/Getting by: OK Go

What Makes You Beautiful by: One Direction


What's in my purse?

My best friend has been asking me for awhile to do this post she 
actually requested it below.. 
So here you go Sabrina! (:  
What brand is my purse: Jennifer Lopez
From: Kohles
Price: 26.00 (clearance then 30% off. Normally 99.00)
What's inside my purse?
1. Tampons, panny liner, pad (You never know! These babies are in ALL my bags!)
2. Hello Kitty alcohol wipe and band-aides (Yep, got them for my birthday!)
3. Two bottles of hand sanitizer (You never know when you'll run out!)
4. Wipes (Lemon scented yummy!) 
5. Nail File (From my Grandma, it's glass!)
6. Two $10.00 things to Kohles (Earned these when I bought my purse!)
7. Tissues (I always need those!)
8. Notebook and pen (Might need to write something down or make a list!)
9. Wallet (It's kind of important!)
10. Cell phone (Not always charged but it's in there!)
11. Camera (I like taking pictures so yeah, I have one in there!)
12. I pod (I love music, and I use it in my car!)
13. A toy pony (Hey, I might get bored sometimes, this can be a live saver!)
14. Pepper spray (WATCH OUT!)
15. Lotion (I don't like when my hands are dry!)
16. Keys  (Gotta be able to drive place and to get into my house or the gym!) 


This one is up to you!

What would you like to see more of on my blog?
1. Personal stories
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8. Relationship advice
9. Nothing, you'd rather just have me stop blogging
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Well, well, well... It's been awhile since I've wrote something personal so I decided it would be good to finally give you all a real update/introduction and what not, you know what I mean.. so please bare with me and don't make fun or do! (either way I'll be glad you read my blog!) I would like to start off with this poem I heard on Sunday while watching my all time favorite show Desperate Housewives, "I love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice." I think it's just so simple and cute. It reminded me of someone who is very special to me. This person is a boy. A boy I haven't seen or even heard his voice in almost two years. I have been privileged to be able to write him emails every Sunday and get his response on Mondays. Which usually doesn't happen.. I think it's just because he's in Africa and letters can take up to two months to reach each other. Thank goodness for technology right?! Anywho, I am very proud of him. He chose to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which some of you may know as the Mormon church or LDS (Latter Day Saints) so therefore we had to say goodbye. What a sad but happy day. I love Mondays because I really love getting his emails and hearing all the awesome experiences he's been having and it's amazing to see how much he's matured and grown spiritually and just as a person. I'd like to share what he wrote to me last week, this is his testimony so please be respectful with what I'm about to share with you, "I know that this is gods one true church i testify that our father in heaven lives and loves each and everyone of us. he is in control he will guide our paths i testify to the divinity of jesus christ he is gods almighty son he did for us what we could not do for ourselves. i know he did it out of love and because he did we are going to be blessed. i know that he lives and because he lives we to shall live all of us. i know that joseph smith was and is and forever will be a prophet that god did introduce his well beloved son to the boy to bless our lives. i know the book of mormon is true. i have seen it change lives including my own it has been a great tool to me such a blessing. as my grandfather told me before i left. when times get tough and they will remember your testimony get on your knees and talk to your father in heaven and he will direct your paths. i have had mine guided they still are guided in all aspects. i know he lives i know families will be together forever i cant wait to start my own. i leave these things in the name of my lord and savior jesus christ amen." When he shared this with me it really touched me and made me think about my own testimony. For awhile I wasn't sure I even had one, so I was thankful to receive this email. It showed me that I do have one, even when I'm confused or lost. His testimony has strengthened mine as I hope it strengthens yours. I sure do miss this boy and I can't wait for him to get home in about two months! He owes me a hug, he promised after all. But since we were just on the topic of The church, I'd like to take a moment to express what I believe and share with you my own personal testimony so once again please be respectful. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a Mormon. I don't have horns, I'm not an evil person and no I won't be a fifth wife of a person.. (they don't do this anymore..) That's not who we are. We are people just like you, just like everyone else. Some are "perfect," (ha ha) some aren't that kind.. some are judgmental and some are shy. We are all just human beings. We ALL make mistakes. We believe in the Book of Mormon and the Bible.. we have a Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, whom we love, respect and follow his teachings. We have temples where we can get married, baptize the dead and much more. But in the end We are just people that believe in God, Jesus and Joseph Smith. If you'd like to know more about my religion please feel free to contact anyone you know who is a Mormon (this includes me!) and they'll tell you more about it or get you in contact with some missionaries.. (like James!) I'd like to now share my testimony with you, I know this is the true church, because every time I attend I get an amazing feeling of comfort and joy. I know that we have a true Prophet today and we have in the past. I know Jesus died for us because he loves us and wanted what was best for us. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph just a fourteen year old boy was chosen by God to be a great Prophet and translate such a great book for us. I love this church and I am proud to be a member. I love my family and I am very glad I get to be with them for all time and eternity, I wouldn't want it any other way. I can't wait until I am able to get sealed to the man I love and to my family. I am thankful for such a happy and peaceful place to go when I am feeling sad, I'm glad that Temples were built so we could serve. I am grateful for the missionaries and I know that they are all doing what is right. I'm so thankful for the priesthood for it have helped me many times. I love this church, the temples and all the blessings I have received. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. So that is just the start of my about me. Yes, I am a Mormon. And I am proud of it. Next I'd like to just write about some of the stress I had the last couple of weeks. You're probably thinking oh waah go cry me a river we all stress, but hey it's get to get it out.. SO HUSH. Just skip over this part if you don't want to read. That's the best I can do. Okay lets see where to start.. Well, I was super sad because I was only making enough money to barely cover my bills, it was super stressful at times, so I went on the hunt for a new job or another job. My brother called me one day and told me that his friend from work told him that his care center for handicapped was hiring and I should go and check it out. At first I was like umm.. I dunno, but I went anyways. I applied, got an interview the next day and was hired. AWESOME. It was perfect hours so I was able to work both jobs. (If you don't know i'm a nanny for 3 hours two days a week then 6 one day a week.) So, I went through training (Monday) then I had a large break for a week. I had been thinking since the last time I worked and something just didn't feel right, I was super emotional and couldn't hold in my tears anymore. Especially when I received the phone call from my workplace telling me that I was working the next day! (Friday) I broke down into tears but I held them in while I picked up the smallest from daycare but then I began to cry so I headed home for some comfort with the little one wondering why Chelsey Ever (He can't say Averett so he's shortened it to Ever) was crying. I then headed back to his house to finish up my day at work. That night after I got home my dad came to me asking if I'd like a blessing. Um, yes of course I would! In my blessing it told me to go to work before I made my decision if I should keep working there or quit. So I did. I worked my shift, trying not to cry the whole time and I still had this feeling that it just wasn't right for me. So I went to my car and started to cry when I got the feeling to go back inside and quit. So after a week I quit my job bawling my eyes out looking like a fool. They were really nice about it. I thanked them and went back to my car because I needed to head home to shower before I had to work again when all of the sudden I got a phone call. I didn't know the number so I wasn't sure if I should answer or not. The call was to set up for an interview at a scrap-booking place I had applied to. I agree'd to the time and showed up. Well, I was hired on the spot.. well GREAT! I was so happy because it is a full time job! But, there was a sad thing.. I had to quit my nanny job. So that day I put in my two weeks. Saddest but happiest day of my life. I am so grateful for the family I nanny for they are like my own. I will miss them dearly but I got the best invite ever today from them! The mommy asked me if they ever needed me at night or on a Saturday if I'd watch the kids for them because the adore me. DUH! Love those kids! So today (Monday) was the start of my two weeks left with them and also the start of my new job. For now they are working with my schedule but after two weeks I'll be a regular. I loved my first day, everyone was really nice and it's a super laid back job that pays well I might add! Which brings me onto my next topic, I needed a full time job because I am wanting to move out with one of my good friends. Now I can! YAY! I just need to pay off a few things like my new camera and get some tires ha ha! I can't wait it should be a learning experience which I am most defiantly looking forward to. Another thing I am looking forward to is using my very first ever GYM PASS for the first time! I've never really gone to the gym.. I mean I went to the Rec once with Sabrina but.. ha ha, I was kinda like meh about it but now I'm all pumped and ready to lose some weight. ha ha! Speaking of Sabrina, I miss her dearly and wish she'd move back home. It's been forever since I've seen her or hung out with her. Yeah sure we have Skype dates (we're having one right now actually!) but it's not the same.. especially because we used to see each other every single day. I hope I'm able to go to Washington to visit her soon or that she'll be able to come here and visit me.. or even move back. (hint hint!) Oh yeah! You know how I'm now working at a scrapbook store? Well, sorta it's all online you can check it out if you want at http://outonalimbscrapbooking.com Well, this job is PERFECT for me and my new addiction to making cards and scrap-booking. Yep pretty much I was made for this job. And since we're talking about scrap-booking let me update you about my lamp that I've been making for oh uhh 2 months now ha ha. Yeah, it's a lot of work and I just got out of the mood but I did finally paint the lamp post so I'm thinking on Saturday I'm going to finish up gluing all the buttons onto the lamp shade then I'll be sure to post a picture so you can all see what it looks like. I'll be proud when it's done so yeah, I'll be showing it off. I mean I should after all that hard work has paid off. It already looks really neat but once it's all done and plugged in showing off some light it'll be totally rad! I can't wait. Now I'm all sorts of excited again to finish that dang baby up. I'd like to end this long and probably very boring post with a few of my new addictions, Propel Zero water peach flavored, (I drink like 4-5 bottles a day!) Army Wives, (Who knew this show was so good! Thank you Nextflix!) and two amazing songs! (Call Me Maybe by, Carly Rae Jepsen and Brokenhearted by, Karmin) Both very good addicting songs, you all should go and give them a listen, even if you're a boy. Ha, okay maybe not if you're a boy they might not be your cup of tea. Well, this is my update of what's been happening! Hope you enjoyed. And remember 25 followers equals another giveaway! Oh and it's a good one. (At least I think it is..)


Guess what happens when I reach 25...

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Spring break jams! (:

Wild Ones by: Flow Rida ft. Sia

Get Yourself Back Home by: Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch

Starships by: Nicki Minaj

Glad You Came by: The Wanted

We Are Young by: Fun ft. Janelle Monae


Photo's for sale! :)

I am trying to make  a little extra cash so I can get tires for my car ha ha! (: I have made a new page.. called photography (go figure..! ha ha!) Go ahead and take a look! I have taken all the photo's.. and I must say I like them.. so I think you will too! All the info you need is on there so if you're interested or you just want to look feel free to visit my photography page! Thanks everyone! :)


Tu da! :)

My blog is finished... as you can tell I've added a few new features! (pages, {about me, follow me, what crafty thing I'm working on and how to contact me.} some of my favorite blogs and a brand spanking new background! Hope you all enjoy it, and find exactly what you're looking for. :) If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to comment below! 

Well, I think it's time for a bit of and update! WOOHOO! 
1. I got another job! YAY! I'm now a care taker and a nanny.. MAN! I'm going to be worn out.. but that's okay! Totally worth it!
2. I am officially twenty now! ha. Odd age.. you're just well twenty. 
3. Another contest is coming up soon! You won't want to miss it. :)
4. I have updated not only this blog but also my new "love" blog! You should follow it and ask me questions like an awesome person. http://www.lovemaster101.blogspot.com
5. One of my favorite people comes home in only three months!! I'm SO excited!

And that's my updates ha ha! :) 
Have a lovely day, or night?



Well, my blog is currently under contruction! I apologize for all this craziness.. I'm trying to update my blog to make it the best for you! Please keep checking back for more fun posts and even more contests! THANKS SO MUCH! :)



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