I personally think that EVERYONE not just kids in school should see this movie. It shouldn't be rated R. It should be shown on the first day of school in all schools, it should be a movie that everyone has to see. I believe it'd make an impact on the world. Change it for the better. I don't understand how this can be rated R when the new movie "The Hunger Games" can get a Pg13 rating when it's about kids killing kids. That's not right. Sure this movie swears, so what? You, your kids are going to hear those words anyways. This movie should be allowed to be played in all states, towns, cities, everywhere. PLEASE go to the site.. demand it be shown where you live. Please help me and others stop bullying! Also please what the trailer for the movie! I promise you won't regret it. And if you get the chance go and see the movie! It comes out on March 30th 

Why this means so much to me? I used to be bullied. I didn't ride the bus because I got my hair pulled, I got made fun of. I HATED going to school. I wanted to kill myself many times. I didn't because I had support. Someone made the move to become friends with me. That's all it takes. One person. I'm SICK of everyone saying kids will be kids.. oh their just being boys and girls. That's a bunch of BULL SHIT. Parents aren't teaching their kids how to be respectful of others. Their not showing them how to have hearts and care for others. Want to know why? Because here in America you can't discipline your kids, nobody can. You can get turned in or you'll be judged... And kids, all they want is to have friends. To fit in. To be the cool kids. So they'll do anything. It's not right what this world is turning into. Let me tell you what cool is. Having one good friend, being yourself and standing up for yourself. That's what cool is. Not any of this other crap. You don't need to be popular.. or have someone think you're pretty or handsome. All you need is you. Trust me. I know it's not easy. I've been in your shoes.. more than you know. It might take time. But every morning when you wake up, wake up thinking this is going to be a good day because I'm me. I'm beautiful/handsome and name one thing you like about yourself. Soon you'll start to notice the confidence you'll be growing. Also keep a gratitude journal. If you write about things you're grateful for you'll forget about all the negative. It will take time, be patient but the outcome is so worth it. Don't take your life. Don't be afraid. If you need help get it. Talk to someone. Please. 
Be one of the many people that are standing up for what's right!
PLEASE, if you've been a bully or you've been bullied.. please comment below and share you story with me and everyone! And also please feel free to share your opinions on this topic.. we're not here to judge. :)


bina said...

My sister use to bully me like no other, we'd get into fist fights and throw things at each other. I'm glad I always had you to vent too about it and now I think its gone on to me being a bully to my little brother. I need to stop that. Poor thing. My little brother gets bullied at school and doesn't want to go. Makes me sick :/

Chelsey Lynne said...

Girl, just be there for your brother and show him that you love him! :) And let him know how much I love him please! Miss you guys! :( And I'll always be here for you! Love you!!

Forever 23 said...

I can't believe its Rated R. You are right! I don't get why The Hunger Games is PG13 either. Its kids killing kids.

I really want to see that movie, but I know I am going to be sobbing. I will probably take my sister and cousins to see it.

They aren't bullies or anything, but I think it will teach them a life lesson.