Finished Projects:
Picture frame jewelry holder
What you need:
A wood picture frame without glass
Scrapbook paper
Modge Podge
A sponge paint brush
Clear coat spray paint
Fabric for backing (must be easy to poke earrings through)
Small hooks or nobs

How to make it:
1. Sand the frame if needed.
2. Measure the sides of the frame
3. Grab your paper of choice and cut it into four strips to go on the frame.
4. Get your Modge Podge and glue the wood and the back of the paper.
5. Carefully line up the paper how you want it on the frame after it's been Modge Podge.
6. Let sides dry 3-5 minutes.
7. Modge Podge over the paper 3 times in between times letting it dry 3-5 minutes.
8. After all 3 layers of Modge Podge are dry spray with the clear coat spray paint 3 times in between sprays letting dry completely. It took 10 minutes each time I sprayed it.
9. After the paper is applied and stuck for good grab the fabric and cut it the size of the smaller part of the back of the frame.
10. After fabric is cut staple or use a hot glue gun to  attach the fabric.
11. After the fabric is attached and the frame is covered with the paper and it's all set to go get your hooks or nobs and attach them wherever you'd like.

Button Lamp

How to make it:
First off I want to start with this is a pain in the butt to make but it's super cool ha ha.. and I'm taking my sweet time with it so it's taken me almost two months to make but I doubt it will take you that long.

If you have an old lamp just sitting around that you don't really care for, or you have a lamp you'd like to make cool then this is the project for you!
All you need is:
Hot glue gun
Buttons (lots and lots of buttons!)
and a lamp
If you want to paint the lamp post then you'll need some paint.

First: You take the lamp shade off of the post..
Second: You then begin to glue the buttons all different sizes all over the lamp starting from the top to bottom. Make sure you really figure it out because the more buttons you can get on the better. Don't be worried if there is a little pace showing because once it gets more done/done you can't really tell.
Third: You're done ha. It's simple.. with not a whole lot of instructions.