What's in my purse?

My best friend has been asking me for awhile to do this post she 
actually requested it below.. 
So here you go Sabrina! (:  
What brand is my purse: Jennifer Lopez
From: Kohles
Price: 26.00 (clearance then 30% off. Normally 99.00)
What's inside my purse?
1. Tampons, panny liner, pad (You never know! These babies are in ALL my bags!)
2. Hello Kitty alcohol wipe and band-aides (Yep, got them for my birthday!)
3. Two bottles of hand sanitizer (You never know when you'll run out!)
4. Wipes (Lemon scented yummy!) 
5. Nail File (From my Grandma, it's glass!)
6. Two $10.00 things to Kohles (Earned these when I bought my purse!)
7. Tissues (I always need those!)
8. Notebook and pen (Might need to write something down or make a list!)
9. Wallet (It's kind of important!)
10. Cell phone (Not always charged but it's in there!)
11. Camera (I like taking pictures so yeah, I have one in there!)
12. I pod (I love music, and I use it in my car!)
13. A toy pony (Hey, I might get bored sometimes, this can be a live saver!)
14. Pepper spray (WATCH OUT!)
15. Lotion (I don't like when my hands are dry!)
16. Keys  (Gotta be able to drive place and to get into my house or the gym!) 

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bina said...

Haha oh the pepper spray goodness gracious I can see you attacking someone and screaming, its playing in my head right now :)