10 fun facts about Chelsey

1. One of my most favorite things is the feeling of my hair after it has just been straightened. I like the way it feels on my neck, all soft and like whoa.

2. I'm really not a fan of swearing but yet I seem to swear... It's weird. But after I swear I'm always like Chelsey.. GO TO YOUR ROOM! You know that type of thing.

3. When I'm feeling down I like to make my room really messy just so I can clean it.. It always makes me feel good about myself.

4. I got fake nails so that I could quit my nasty habit of biting my nails.. they look good but they aren't helping instead I pick at them until I get my nail from underneath. Gross.

5. I don't think I look good in bikinis but I buy them because I want to look good, then I wear them hoping someone will compliment me and be like daaang girl you look good.

6. I hate anything scary for example, Halloween, scary movies, haunted houses.. ghost shows, etc. I will still watch scary movies, and maybe you can get me to go into a haunted house but probably not. They make me feel icky then I have scary dreams and thoughts. Yep, I'm a baby.

7. When I get my hair cut I always have them cut bangs so I can pull them back.

8. I have an imaginary friend. Her name is Bridget. She comforts me, knows all my secrets. She's a really good listener.

9. Every time I go to Las Vegas it brings back my life long dream. I really want to be a show girl in Vegas. Like in Holly Madison Peep Show or just a show girl that dances with Donny and Marie.

10. I am super emotional about everything. I can be brought down in tears easily. It doesn't even have to be something happy, sad.. or about me. I just cry. Especially if I have to talk in front of people, to new people or if I have to ask a question. I get teared up.. but I've learned how to hold in my tears but sometimes I just can't. Like now while writing this I got teared up..!


Melissa said...

I love show girls too! (And burlesque dancers.) Stopping by from http://thelongestofjourneys.blogspot.com/ Come say hi sometime?

Chelsey Lynne said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I will defiantly have to come and check out your blog!