Okay.. this is going to be a pain..

I'm SO very sorry.. but I decided it is time to change my blog link.. ha! Weird timing right? Some of you may know my blog used to be wee little memories.. but I got sick of it because my memories weren't little. So I changed my name just a little bit ago to Fancy That! So I think I should probably change my blog URL so people aren't like fancy that? I thought I was going to wee lil memories. You know? And also so their not like why is this so long?! I originally wanted it to be fancythat.blogspot blah blah but someone already took it. :( Sad day! So I went with something simple.. Http://www.xochelsey.blogspot.com and my buttons to the side now link to my new URL as well.. so if you would so kindly grab a new button! Or I'll send them to you with and apology email. :) ha ha! But once again I'm very sorry for the trouble! THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME AND FOLLOWING ME AND SPONSORING 
XO- Chelsey

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