Sometimes you just need your best friend... like today. I miss my best friend a lot. So far away.. I wish I could get that well needed hug. Or that late night drive or sleepover. Sometimes your family just can't give you the 'healing' you need. Yeah, their great and I love them. But it's one of those times when I could really use my best friend. It sucks. I wish when I was little they prepared me for growing up in school. They claim they do.. but honestly they don't. They don't teach you how to deal with losing jobs, getting your heart broken, someone dying, someone leaving or even your best friend moving away. Those are the lessons you have to teach yourself. You're the one who grades yourself on that too.. and honestly I don't think any of us give ourselves a high enough grade. Life is complicated. Life isn't perfect and it never will be perfect no matter how hard we try. Why? Because, it's life. And that's why sometimes in life you just need your best friend. Whom won't always be there so you learn to deal.. to be strong on your own.. put on a happy face and say I'm okay. Life isn't easy. Being alone isn't easy. Trust me I know. But one thing you always need to remember, is to be happy.. be yourself and keep moving along. Because everyone is destined to do something amazing. I hope you all have a goodnight and a wonder Memorial weekend. 
XO- Chelsey

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