I will not lie, I'm sort of frustrated with my blog. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. It's not appealing.. I have a total of 10 followers.. nobody enjoys reading my blog. So now I'm stuck in a rut, do I continue to blog and give away prizes where the same 3 people always enter? Nothing wrong with that.. I mean lucky them! :) ha ha... or do I just give up on my blogging career? :/ Hmph. I'm currently leaning more towards giving up and not blogging anymore... it's the easy route right? But who knows, we'll see what happens. I will say, I do love my blog.. it's me, it's cute it's appealing to me..! Maybe that's all that should matter? But I don't know, I wish I just had a few more followers or something ha. Oh well. Life is life. Goodnight! 


Forever 23 said...

You have to give it time...Followers will come. I personally don't care about them. I use my blog to write down how I feel. Sometimes I wish I had more, but only for the advice. lol.

You have to be patient.

Chelsey Lynne said...

Yeah, that's why it's frustrating, I just want some advice and such ha ha.. I'm just getting in a rut I think! Hey! I still need your information so I can get you your prize! :) And thanks for commenting! You're so sweet!

Marta Herbert said...

Never give up! You are a doll and all good things take time! :-)

Chelsey Lynne said...

Thanks Marta! :) Oh and thanks for stalking me! :D