A penny.

So I know.. a penny isn't worth a lot. But it's worth a lot to me. It's something special to me. I have been collecting pennies for two years now because of what they mean. There is this boy. I've talked about him before.. you all know him as James where most people know him as JC... One day JC (James) took me to a movie with a couple of his friends, it was in the mall. After the movie got out we were walking out to his friends car when we walked past jcpenney. Right then James looked at me and said, "Look Chelsey! It's my store! That's right, I only cost a penny!" We laughed about it and didn't think much about it.. well he didn't I did. I went home found a super shiny penny, cleaned it and the next day when I saw him I went up to him and handed him a penny. I said here.. now I own you. ;) It was more as a joke.. but little did I know he was going to keep that penny. A week after that experience he went on his mission. I never forgot about the penny and I never forgot what James meant to me. Every time I came across a penny I'd save it. That's how I began saving penny's. I now have some coca-cola and sprite bottles filled with penny's. I thought from the moment that he left I'd save them because then I'd have a way to keep him with me while he was gone. Little did I know (until about a few months ago when he told me..) that James has kept the penny that I 'bought' him with. He told me in an email that the day he got set-apart as a missionary that he held it in his hand the entire time. And while on his mission that he carried it in his pocket.. so that every time he reached in he'd feel the penny and think of me. So to me a penny means a lot. A penny is sort of my whole world. It has defined love for me. It has showed me that I am loved.. and that a penny means something special to someone who is special to me. Who is my whole world. You might think I'm crazy.. because honestly James and I only dated two weeks before we told each other that we loved each other. But it's true, it happened fast but it is love. It's true love and this penny story is proof of it. You might think it's silly, and a bit crazy but I honestly don't care. If you're really in love then you'll know what I'm talking about.. but if you haven't had the chance to find true love one day you will and you'll understand. It's a feeling that can't be explained, only felt and viewed by others who observe you. You know when you look at those cute couple and say to yourself, "I want to be like them one day!" That's love. I can honestly say I want to marry this boy one day. And to be honest. Call me crazy and hey mom.. first time you're hearing this you too grandma, Whitney.. everyone but Sabrina ha ha! I'm pretty sure we are going to get married. Sometimes you just know. And when I think about it, the feeling I get is amazing. When I pray about it, it feels right. Like when I prayed if I should date him when he gets home. I got an answer yep. And I keep getting answers every day. (Did you notice that the penny says, 'In God We Trust'.. hmm sign or what?! ha ha!) That Mr. James is the one. If he wasn't the one... and he never was the one.. why would I save penny's? Why would I think about him all day? Why would I look at the moon because it's the only thing that we see the same when he's in Africa and I'm here in Utah? And why would I talk to him, share my feelings and treat him like he's my best friend? It has to be love. It's the only reasoning I have. It scares me honestly. But it's a good kind of scared. And right now thinking about him, us, and our love I couldn't be more happy. This is the happy that makes my world go round, my grey skies blue and when I'm down.. I'm suddenly happy. He is what makes me not feel depressed.. but all I have to say is I miss him more than anything. And I'm SO glad he comes home in a month! Although I'm nervous to see him.. to hear his voice. But it will be good. I can't wait! It's so close! I'm getting super antsy! Ah. :) I hope that each and every one of you feels loved and I hope you know you are loved! Have a goodnight or day or afternoon where ever you are out there in the world! 
XO- Chelsey

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