Day 5.

Write a letter to yourself. (A year from now.)

Dear Chelsey,
You are currently 19. Go figure? Well, you have a wee lil' confusing life. You're not entirely sure what to do with your life or what you want exactly. You're supper moody, so maybe you should change that ha ha. Your best friend is moving away and you're super sad. You two haven't been more than two minutes away from each other and now you'll be a three hour flight away. But as James says, "You two have a bond that can't be broken." You sure hope so. You're going to miss her a lot but don't worry everything will be A-okay. You are a strong girl and one day you might do something great. :) Just remember to always smile and try your best not to let others or anything get you down. Remember you only deserve the best.

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