Cute holiday or any day gift ideas!

Super cute Valentine! :)
Buy a sand shovel, some fun valentine candies.. this one has valentine m&m's, place in a little baggie and make a tag that reads, "I dig you!" and BAM you have a cute cheep gift! 

Christmas! :)
Get enough JollyRanchers for each person in the family and use as a neighbor gift.. or just get some and give to anyone. Bunch up, tie with some cute ribbon and make a tag that reads, "Have a holly "JOLLY" Christmas!" 

Birthday, Wedding?! You decide!
Chocolate bars, marshmallows, gram-crackers.. tie together with a bow make a tag that reads, "Wishing you smore and smore fun this... (ex. Winter, Summer, Fall.. Day!)."

Christmas again oh boy!
Get an old bottle of any size your choice (this one is an old washed out Starbucks bottle..) make some "muddy buddies" and get some m&m's (if you wish..) put them in the bottle and make cute decorations for the outside and make a tag with a ribbon attached that reads, "Reindeer food."  


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