New year goals.. :)

You know how most people always make goals to bring in the new year?.. You write them down, put them in your memory, usually people only really do them for about a week then they forget about them or they lose the paper that they wrote them down on.. anyways, I think you get the point.
WELL, I've found a super cheap and cute solution! 
FIRST..Find an old frame you have sitting around or go to a store and buy a cheap frame.
SECOND..Get a cute piece of scrapbook paper or colored paper. You decide.
THIRD..Cut the piece of paper so it will fit into the frame.
FOURTH..Get a sharpie. Of any color. (Just pick a color that will show up nicely on the paper.)
Fifth..Write down your 2012 new year goals in any order you wish.
Sixth..Put your goals in the frame and place the frame where you will see it everyday.
BAM you're done! 
Now you'll always have a reminder and be like oh I need to work on that, blah blah... etc. 

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