Chelsey you got some splanin to do!

So about that post the other day.. well.. lets see. I had a date! I was pretty excited about it because it was with this pretty cute kid. We'll call him Ted. :) Yeah.. so I might have danced a little.. and I just might have been a little nervous ha ha.. but it was pretty fun. At least I had fun. He's a really sweet guy, very well mannered.. and his smile is to die for. :) He also has really pretty eyes and he's tall too ha ha! Not sure why I was nervous ha ha!... I think it went well.. at least I hope it did. We went to Provo Beach Resort and played in the arcade.. I must say we are pretty pro at Skee-ball ha ha! That's where we spent most of our time.
 After that we went and got some grub. Mm, it was pretty good! He then invited me to go over to his house and hang out for a bit so we watched a couple of shows I've never seen or even heard of before.. they were pretty funny! I highly enjoyed them. ;) After they were over we played a a really old classic board game. Candyland. :) It was pretty intense. We decided there should be a Candyland tournament. ha ha! I won once and he won the intense game.. NOT FAIR. ;) Just kidding. After we played Candyland I went home.. I was going to help my mom get ready for Bunco. 
(And also I didn't want to be clingy ha!)
My mom and I went to Walmart to get some V-day decorations because we found out that we don't have any ha ha. (We don't really care for this holiday..) 
But before I continue this story let me tell you a little background so it all makes sense...
On Friday my mother and I went to Target and there were a few people lined up and we were like what the heck..? And then it hit me.. the new Twilight movie is coming out at midnight. So I explained everything.. they were having a special preview and blah blah. ha ha. So my mother and I laughed... we laughed even harder when we saw a girl in line sewing a Twilight quilt. Well, that's cool.. I guess..? Twilight just isn't my cup of tea so I find it hilarious how crazy people get. 
Okay now back to the Walmart story...
So we're walking along and there is this huge case of the new Twilight movie and it has Taylor Lautner all over it.. so me being me I ask my mom to take a couple pictures for me.. Well, I got some funny looks.. and I believe these pictures will explain why. And thus.. this is why my family loves me. ;)
 After that experience we were looking for a movie which they don't sell in any stores. :( Makes me cry.. it's like one of my favorites. SO hopefully I'll be able to find in online. But that's besides the point ha. We decided to just look through the movies so we were digging through this huge bin of five dollar movies and all the sudden I hear, "Hey Chelsey..." and in my head I'm like I know that voice.. so I look up and who is it?! TED! ha ha. Now that just made my day/night even better. I mean he must of thought it was a pretty good date because he could have just walked right past me and said nothing but instead he said hi! ha. I'm like a five year old. Awesome. :) After Walmart we went home and my buddy Jenny poo came over.. and that's when a night full of disaster started...
I'll keep most of what happened private because I don't want to share too much. But.. lets just say her house got wrecked.. dogs were sick and I ended up sleeping over at her house.. with not that much sleeping ha ha.. So thus this is why there was a delay in my post.. I apologize.
But, I found out that someone is really sweet.. and actually care.. and I also found something else out about this person. I'll share it with you later though.. well maybe. So don't hold me to my word ha ha. But I also found something else out that I'm pretty excited about.. :) It's a feel good thing ha ha.
And that is the story of my amazing day/night....

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