My best friend.

Thinks I should tell you all my daily makeup routine which isn't too daily since half the time i'm way too lazy to even do anything ha ha.. unless I'm trying to impress someone or I feel like getting ready.. :/ yep. That's my life story. I don't care what people think of how I look.. I'm not ashamed. :) ha ha.
Step 1: Apply Equate Daily Moisturizer.. $4.65 at Walmart
Step 2: Apply Victoria Secret VS Pro Face Primer... $8.00 (with $10.00 off coupon) 
Step 3: Use a small amount of Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup $9.75
Step 4: Apply Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder (fills in all the cracks..) $3.00
Step 5: Use Softlips vanilla chapstick (makes your lips so soft all day long!) $1.67
Step 6: Apply one layer of Maybelline New York 'The Falsies' mascara $6.50
Step 7: Apply one layer of Covergirl 'Exact Eyelights' mascara $6.47
And there you go.. my simple 3-5 minute (depending on how I feel...) makeup routine ha ha!.. and I don't always do Step 3.. I sometimes skip it and go to Step 4. :)

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