as you can probably tell.. I've come to that part of my life where I HATE blogging.. hate my blog.. and especially hate my blog name! So therefore for the next little while my blog will be under construction and called under construction.. until I get out of this little funk I'm having. I will continue to post testimonies and some funny stories though.. ohhh and if you have any good blog name ideas for me please feel free to share. :) I'll even give you credit if I chose the name.. and advertise your cute blog! :) ha ha.. okay yeah, I might be bribing just a little bit.. but come on.. it's for a good cause! :) Sorry if I've ran all your patience out.. I completely understand how annoying this must be! :/ My apologies once again..
Chelsey.. the girl that has a lot of blonde moments.. and stubberness! ha ha!

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