Know what's funny..?

When someone you work with starts to creep on you.. for instance I work with a boy we'll call him Nevada... and recently he's been talking to me, only me non stop. And the other day he tried to force me to try his nasty mouth refreshing spray.. as he calls it, then shortly after asked if he could put some tecno music on my i pod then asking me if we can hang out ha ha.. now he just stars at me. It's SO awkward. And the sad thing is, I'm not the only one at work who has noticed it... AH! ha ha. Know what else is funny? When you get told that someone you didn't want to date just found a girl that looked exactly like you to take your place ha ha ha ha! And then some interesting stuff happens after that.. if you want to know details you can just ask me. ha ha! ANYWHO. Thought I'd just share that with you. Oh yeah! That special post is coming along.. it's taking longer than I thought and hoped but that's okay! It will totally be worth it. So until then, I will keep blogging about random stuff. Enjoy! ;) Goodnight everyone!

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bina said...

Ha. I love it! :)