They've arrived!

I ordered these fine buets last Saturday and they finally have arrived! I've been so antsy waiting for their arrival. It took me over two hours to pick which Toms would replace my old worn out but very loved ones.. which I will probably still wear ha ha!
I can honestly say.. I am a Tom lover. SO worth the money. Super comfy, and super cute.. and there is an added bonus! For every pair that you buy they donate a pair to someone in need of shoes! AWESOME. I'm all up for helping out. 
I am SO excited they finally came!... I even made up and excuse to go to the store just so I could wear them. :) 
I think everyone should own a pair and love them. ha ha! Just sayin!
If you've never heard of Toms or you're interested in buying some... or you just want to check them out go and visit their site! http://www.toms.com I promise you won't regret taking a look.. or even buying a pair. 
When you buy a pair you also get one of this awesome flags which are really bags.. so you can show your support and all that jazz! COOOL!
GO NOW, TAKE A LOOK.. BUY A PAIR! ha ha Okay, just kidding you don't have to buy any.. but you should at least go look at their site. :)


ruthie.von said...

ok, i LOVE you new blog layout super cute :)

Chelsey Lynne said...

Thank you very much! :)