As Marta says,"God loves me."

God has gave me the most amazing daddy ever. I love my dad to pieces. I'm grateful that when he found out that I wasn't twins he still loved me. I think. Just kidding, I know my dad loves me even though he picks on me. Fatherly love right? And I am the baby.. so typical. I am grateful I have a dad that will kill nasty bugs for me, fix my car.. help me with my craft projects even though he's tired. My dad has such a caring heart for everyone and is a great example for me to look up to. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DADDY! Remember I'll always be your little girl. Thanks for everything. I couldn't ask for a better daddy. :)


Jenn @ PSP said...

Your daddy seems sweet and super handy : ) My dad used to kill spiders for me, and now I make my hubby do that job. It's great having a man around to do the ucky stuff! I just came across your blog, it is super cute! Love it : )

Chelsey Lynne said...

I know right?! Men sure do come in handy ha ha! Thanks so much! Do you have a blog??