Oh he's home!

What a freaking crazy long day! I woke up at 4:00am.. WHY?! I was too excited I guess. When I awoke I was filled with SO much energy! It was insane. I got ready, attempted to eat breakfast but felt SO sick to my stomach from all the nervousness and excitement going on.. that I just couldn't eat. So instead I drank some milk, and watched Dog The Bounty Hunter until I had to leave for work. I arrived at work after dancing in my car the entire way there.. with a gigantic smile on my face... which I kept all day. Yes, my face hurts now. Can I just say 10:30am came super fast! As soon as I saw the clock hit 10:30am I was super giggly, all smiles and whoop.. I wasn't in the mood to work anymore. I couldn't concentrate one bit. Because my James was finally home. Soon lunch arrived, YAY! I darted out those doors.. attempted to eat some lunch but nah, I was WAY too excited to even think about eating. So instead I picked up my ghetto phone and called his mommy. I talked to her for a little bit, then she handed the phone to him. How epic. It was crazy.. it wasn't my James.. he sounded so manly ha ha! But I must say his voice was/is very sexy now. (Back off ladies! ;]) It was amazing to be able to hear his voice again and to talk to him. It was CRAZZZY. Anywho.. we had to hang up because he had to go meet with some people, and I had to go back to work. That's when time began to go by SUPER duper SLOOOOOOOOW. Ugh. I kept looking at the clock like really!? REALLY?! It's still only 1:30?! Please. It just drug on.. I felt as if it was the end of the world. But then the clock hit 5:00 and I was out of there. So fast you couldn't catch me. It was time to go see him! Oh how nervous I was but also excited. It was crazyness. I've never felt like that before. I arrived to his house but they weren't there yet.. so I will not lie.. I did think about leaving. But my dear bestie Bina talked to me, calmed me down and yeah. Once they arrived home he got out of the car and walked towards my car.. that was the longest walk of my life. But it was SO worth it. I got the best hug ever! We then went into his house, made small talk.. which was awkward then his friend showed up so I talked to his little brother ha ha. It was pretty tight. But then it came time for me to go home. :( So we gave each other another hug said see ya soon. I hugged his mom then his little brother and as I was leaving James gave his little bro a glare and his mom pointed at him and said you can't have her, James has claimed her ha ha. It was funny. Oh yeah! When I was making small awkward talk he was all, "I have some things for you.." got them then threw them to me and sat back down. (He didn't even sit that close to me ha ha!) I got a jersey from Ghana (Oh yeah! He was in Ghana Africa! BTW..) and a letter from a sister missionary. It was the most wonderful letter ever. I shall share a funny part with you now. "P.S: A word to the wise: "do not be an idiot and screw this up." Elder Hatch's a good man. Do not do stupid things and mess up your chances with him. -I say this with Love. Keep smiling :)" Oh how that made my day. She always included a picture. She's gorgeous! It's good to know that I am very much in love with such an amazing guy who has touched many peoples lives. Yeah.. I still love him and think he's cute even though he's socially awkward. Hopefully he'll get used to having a blonde girl around soon! We'll see. We still have yet to kiss...! Oh.. a hug will do. Goodnight everyone! Have a beautiful sleep ha! And a FANTASTIC day tomorrow. 

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