This is hard.

Do you know what the worst feeling in the world is? When you realize that it's time to let go of something that you love. For example, on Monday my dog will be put to sleep.. I'm pretending like oh it's okay, when deep down inside it hurts. I don't like to say goodbye. He's been my friend for a long time. Every time I cried, needed someone to talk to, my dog was there cuddling with me and letting me know everything was going to be okay. I know it sounds cheesy but I don't care. I'm going to miss him. I've been so selfish not letting my family do this for awhile but it's because I don't want to let go. It's going to be weird to not have my Toby around anymore. And it's going to be hard. But I know everything will be okay, that he'll be better. Not in pain and miserable anymore. And hey if there really is a doggy heaven he'll be able to keep my old dog fidget some company. It's weird to think that soon I'm not going to have my furry little buddy around anymore. That when I get home from work on Monday, and for the rest of my life.. he's not going to be there by the back door wagging his tail waiting for me... I'm not going to have the chance to yell at him and tell him to stop licking himself because it's my pet peeve.. It's going to be silent. It's going to be just weird. It's the weirdest thing to think about and it hurts. He means a lot to me, he's apart of my family and I am going to miss him so much. But everything will be okay.


Ali ♥ said...

So sad! I absolutely don't know what I'd do without my babyboy {Pete}. I've had him since he was a puppy and he's my whole world! I can't imagine what you're going through but hope things get better for you, girl!

Ali @ All Things {Pink} & Sparkly

Chelsey Lynne said...

Thank you. :)