Day 2 (A day late..)

Write a letter to your future child.

Dear Future Child,
   Why hello, it's MOMMY! ha ha. Kidding I would not start it this way. Okay now time for the real letter.

Dear My Future Child,
             I am writing you this letter so I can prepare you for some things you might not ever be prepared for. First, your first love/heartbreak. It's not easy at all. It's rough. But I want you to know you don't have to be strong, it's okay to cry and it's okay to be hurt. Second, Someone close to you moving away. People change, people grow up.. and sometimes your friends have to move away. Once again, it is okay to cry and show that you're sad. You don't have to act perfect. And third. Don't grow up too fast. I know when you're little you want to grow up so badly.. just enjoy your childhood, teen years and when you do finally grow up enjoy those times also. Just live in the moment. Also I want to tell you to love yourself. You can't love anyone until you love yourself. I can't wait for the day that I will have you in my belly. But that time isn't for awhile. Until then, I love you even though I don't know you.
Love always,
Your Future Mommy

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