Jenni Farley

Jenni Farley (JWOWW)
My very first woman celebrity crush! :O Why do I have a crush on her? Well, she is gorgeous. :) She has one of the best personalities I have ever seen. She is sensitive, caring, sweet, motherly but also a bitch. I LOVE IT. She's not afraid to be herself, or speak her mind. (Even if it is her best friend.) It is my dream to one day meet her. I would be in HEAVEN. Oh my, I'd probably start crying. ha ha. Okay maybe not cry.. but I'd be so happy I'd at least have tears in my eyes. I think she is one of the sexiest woman alive. She should be in people magazine. ha ha. Roger is one lucky man. He better treat her right because she deserves the best. Wow. Yupp, told you.. I have a woman crush. I apologize JWOWW. (Like she'll ever read this. ha ha!) I just love her ha. She is by far my favorite on Jersey Shore. Actually like the whole reason why I watch it. She gives awesome advice and is like always there for her friends even if she dislikes them ha ha. It's pretty much awesome. She is one amazing woman. She is probably my role model. And I know you're probably like really why? Well, because she is someone good to look up to. At least to me. For many many reason. Which I have already named like five billion. I think once she decides to settle down and have children she'll be an awesome mamma and someone they can look up to.
Oh man, this picture makes me laugh. It shows how tough she really is. She will always stand up for herself and she is a very good friend. I love how she's not afraid to fight. She is one tough woman. And like I have said she will speak her mind. Thus that is why I love her so much. I feel obsessed with her. I mean I'm blogging about her.. it's just because I have recently developed this crush after watching every episode of Jersey Shore. She is very trust worthy it seems like and like she would be a great friend. Oh how I wish I could meet her. Maybe one day.. ha! A girl can dream. Okay, okay. I'm sorry I'll stop with my crush now. I just had to share it with you all. :) ha ha. Goodnight.
Ps. I can't wait until I get this book! :) SO excited.

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