Top 5 face must haves!

Up&Up Daily Facial Cleanser. Found at Target or on www.target.com
Why I love it:
It's really cleared up my face and it leaves my face feeling clean, silky and smooth! I absolutely love it.. and It's a great deal! Super cheap and lasts a long time. I use this every night! :)
Price: $ 6.64

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. Found anywhere. :)
Why I love it:
Because it takes off all the dead skin off of my face, makes it feel soft and it smells really really good. :) I use this every morning! :) I love it so much.
Price: $ 4.99 

Equate Daily Moisturizer. Found at Walmart or on www.walmart.com
Why I love it:
It makes my face feel smooth and soft all day long. I use it morning and night after I wash my face. My face seriously hasn't ever felt this soft until I started using this. I love it and it's super cheap!
Price: $ 4.99

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. Found anywhere.:)
Why I love it:
It blends in really well and it matches my skin ton wonderfully. It applies easily and last all day long. LOVE IT. Also it comes with SPF 20. Now that's a PLUS. ha ha!
Price: $ 11.99
Covergirl Fresh Look Powder. Found anywhere. :)
Why I love it:
It gives me the finishing touch perfectly after I use my foundation. I feel as if it blends everything nicely together. It makes it so I look more natural than like I'm wearing makeup.
Price: $5.94

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