The BEST cleaning supplies EVER...

I have recently fallen in love with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day cleaning products. They are AMAZING. They really do work. I promise. For example.. you know how when you have sticky stuff on the counter or where ever it is.. you usually have to scrub just a bit, well all I had to do was spray the counter-top spray and wipe it came off so easily! I was VERY impressed. So I would HIGHLY recommend  this product. They are all natural products so they're safe for you and the environment! Win-win eh?
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For the kitchen I recommend  Honeysuckle. It smells awesome! :) 
(I wish they had this scent in the bathroom cleaners..)

For the Bathroom I recommend  Basil. Nice and minty! :) 
(This scent can be found with all the cleaners they sell)

These two scents are my absolute favorite! :)
(I have only tried the bathroom and kitchen cleaners.. so I'm not so sure about the laundry stuff.. but I'm sure they work just awesome!)


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