Fing on the puter.. :)

Today when I was baby sitting my darling nephew and nieces my niece rollie olly asked, "Chelsey can we do that one fing on your puter to talk to Bina?" I then replied, "Call and ask her silly!" so she made a swift phone call and asked away. Of course Bina said yes! :) So here is the adventures. ha ha!
 Trying to attempt to fit everyone in the screen because they all wanted to see Bina!.. yeah.. Don't worry nobody got hurt.. there were just spilt drinks and fighting ha ha!
we managed and got it figure out THANKS to Bina's amazing brains. ha ha.
After doing that "fing on my puter" we decided to take some silly pictures. 
Because you know it's awesome. 
Sefie decided to leave after only one picture because he rather play the wii..
Boys will be boys I suppose.. 
 And thus that's the adventures.. well some of them from 
babysitting three wee lil' ones.. :)

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