A new and AMAZING product!

Which my sister sells so it's even more 
amazing and better! 

Now what the goodness am I talking about!?
Well, let me just tell you!.. It's this awesome new product called Jamberry Nails!

With these sweet things there is no more mess, spills, expensive cost of a pedicure or manicure or unwanted paint on your skin! AMAZING right?!
All it is, is sort of like a sticker but better... and it's very simple to apply to your nails! You can either put them on your finger nails or your toe nails. You decide. They only cost $15.00 per sheet. 
***each sheet can be used multiple times***
They last two weeks on your finger nails and six weeks on your toe nails. Talk about awesome and totally worth every penny.. right?!
These babies can turn any plain old boring nail into MAGIC!
They come in tons, lots, many of different styles.. from just a plain color to a wacky and wild pattern.

If you'd like to know more, or you'd like to try them out.. host a party and you're in the Utah area please feel free to take a look at their webstie http://www.jamberrynails.net or the best option you could chose would be to contact my sister at:
Phone number:
(801) 360-1085
or her website

also take a look at her pretty sweet business card. :)

Just trust me. 

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bina said...

I love my pink camo ones :)