..... Yep.

Well, I surely haven't been up for blogging lately. Why you might ask.. well my "oh so easy" button lamp shade.. has turned into hell.. ha ha. It's taking waay longer than I thought because I decided instead of spacing the buttons I'd try getting them all as close as I can.. oh my.. this takes A LOT OF BUTTONS... bad mistake ha. Next big mistake.. hot glue gun! They are SO messy.. but.. I think it's what will work the best... but they just get so hot. So here comes to my third mistake.. being clumsy and burning the tip on my finger... well pretty much the whole top of my finger. OUCH. So as you can tell.. I'm not having much luck with my whole lamp.. but It's like half done.. it looks pretty cool so far.. so in the end I suppose it will all be worth it. And with that said... I am for sure posting a picture of the finished product.. so you all better enjoy! ;) ha ha. Just kidding. But I will put a picture up once it's all done.. but who knows when that will be... ha ha! 

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bina said...

Haha I can totally see you saying project from... hell... :)